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This time Last Year

May 25, 2009
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On May 25 of last year, Eddie, Chaney and I took a little road trip. Nothing exciting I assure you. Yes, it was Memorial Day weekend but our venture wasn’t about relaxing by the lake or visiting an old friend to share beers with. 


P5250038 P5250026 P5250055

No, we chose to spend the time navigating thru orange barrels, passing state welcome signs, and watching out for state troopers on a quest for a swing-set.

Yes, a swing-set.


We pulled a trailer to Ellicott City, Maryland to tear down and load up an unwanted swing-set. Call us crazy.


 I dare you.P5250014

I don’t need to mention that this was no ordinary swing-set. Yet, I will. In our search for a quality set that we could enjoy as well as our kids (don’t judge) we discovered that we could not afford to buy new. But we could invest time. We searched ebay, craigslist and googled “used rainbow play systems” too many times to count. If you go to google and type it in, 414,000 results will come up. I bet we checked out 413,999 of them. All we needed was the right one. 

When we found it we loaded up some tools, borrowed a flat bed trailer and hustled it across two states. 

The worst part? Ants. Man-eating ants. Eddie just reminded me that we battled them during the dismantling.

The best part? Bringing it home. Oh.. wait, I think that may have been the worst part:

P5260058          P5260057 

After power washing, a few gallons of Cabot’s “weather-proofing” paint, blood, sweat and tears, we have ourselves a new swing-set! 

good as new


I’m glad we’re staying close to home for Memorial Day this year.





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