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The Beekeeper

June 8, 2009
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The beekeeper in action:

a little smoke to sooth them

Yup, it’s time to open up the hives and check on the girls’ progress. Eddie loves this task! He says the best part of working with the bees is when he forgets where he is and stops to pay attention to all of their buzzing and activity. I agree. I am not articulate enough to put that experience into words for you. But I offer these pictures to give a glimpse of the experience. Besides, I have the feeling that for some, this may be the closest you would like to get!

Checking the bees

The few that were in the hive were hard at work doing their specific jobs: guarding the hive, cleaning, making honey, and most importantly, feeding the queen and the young. Each bee has a specific job to carry out throughout it’s lifetime. 

Most are out and about looking for pollen to bring back to the hive and turn into honey.

let's hear it for the girls

Kayleigh took the opportunity to get to know them.

a beekeeper apprentice

She said she enjoyed the experience, but I think she worried that the bees would laugh at her outfit:

like father like daughter

We told her they wouldn’t mind it a bit. 

P.S. If anyone is interested, we would be happy to have you over for the honey harvest in the fall. No funny hats or interaction with the bees required.

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