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How to celebrate a birthday

July 2, 2009

Birthday parties are great. As a matter of fact, Solanna’s party this past Saturday was great.
Yet, how do you spend the anniversary of the day your child entered your world if it doesn’t coincide with the weekend?

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First you find something to wear. The fancier the better:

Next, you head out to get breakfast. On the way you enjoy an oreo appetizer:

A pirate photo op is always necessary:

Your age does not entitle you to the said number of pancakes. As in this situation where three were sufficient:

A trip to your local library should be next on the agenda. Your facilities may not have such an extensive collection of dinosaurs:

Here is another variable to your festivities. You may not be close to a beach. We took advantage of the shores of the Great Lakes:

A change of clothes may be required:

Of course you may have to pause to receive birthday greetings from friends or family:

An absolute necessity on birthdays is ice cream:

Have I mentioned the necessity of popsicles also?:

Lastly, the birthday dinner. For this occasion no expense nor effort should be spared. After all it’s the pièce de résistance of the celebration. That’s why our birthday girl chose:

Now I know the above may not work for you. A few tweaks here and there will make your celebration just as grand as ours.
The important thing here is that you celebrate with style, enthusiasm, and lots of cold treats.

Just one more tidbit my daughter has taught me about life.

Thanks for checking us out today,

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