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Good Game! (a late post)

July 23, 2009

I feel awful. As I searched through photos for this post I realized that I don’t have nearly as many photos of Kayleigh playing softball as I do of Solanna playing t-ball.

There may be legitimate reasons for this. One of them may be that I’m just a bad step-parent and neglected to preserve Kay’s progress in ball over the years.

To add to the damage I discovered this post just sitting in draft mode because I had yet to publish it earlier this month.

Fortunately for me and you this post is not about my transgressions.

…..whew…no one is arguing the point.
Okay, lets move on.

I do have a few pics of Kayleigh playing ball this year. Would you like to see them?

Yup, that’s her, again the tallest girl on the team.

Sadly, this season she didn’t get to play the last few games. With a injured knee she had to watch from the dugout as her team made it to second place in the finals.
Mental note: take lots of pictures next year.

This being Solanna’s first year in ball we had to readjust to the pace of the games. It’s been at least seven years since William and Kay played t-ball.

I so regret not taking pictures of them back then. I don’t think I even had a digital camera.
Really, would they appreciate me displaying those embarrassing photos of them in their preschool days?
Probably not.
I think as a parent, it’s my job! They’ll forgive me some day.

As I was saying, it was back to watching her learn the fundamentals of the ball game.

Catching and throwing:

Hitting the ball and running the bases:

Most importantly, sportsmanship.

This was my favorite part of the whole game. Not because it happened at the end. Because I loved the enthusiasm and smiles from both teams as they lined up and passed each other to touch hands and say “Good Game!”.

I really enjoy those smiles.

See you next time,

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