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Watching him run

September 15, 2009

So far September has found us in the thick of the cross country running season.

This is a new sport for me. Eddie also. He ran sprints in track but he’ll tell you himself, long distance running was not his thing.
It is William’s. We’re both amazed at the efforts he’s put into it.
He’s given up soda! For me, this alone shows his dedication. I’m not a soda drinker myself and the kids know we rarely have it in the house. So, this kid in particular would take every opportunity to order soda when we would eat out. Not to mention an upgrade if we let him getaway with it. Or if it was self serve, he would get of a blast of every flavor available to make one dark, syrupy, sickly, sweet smelling concoction. Ice optional, of course. Why waste cup space?
Yup. He’s given it up.

This was his first invitational. It was explained to me that a bunch of schools from near and far gather to compete in different age brackets.
He looks pretty calm to me. He’s the one with the relaxed, hands behind the head pose.

Actually the whole atmosphere is relaxed.

That is until all 243 boys take off at once! This was great. The ground vibrated as they ran past.

Then it was relaxed again.

The boys took off on the trail to find their pace and we waited to catch them on the first lap.

When we knew he would be coming in for his final lap of the race we started to look for him.

I caught him coming down the final stretch. I must say I think he looks good for his first two mile run.

After the cool down

there was time for a little socializing before the stats were posted. This was explained to me as the actual time the boys ran and where they placed. I learned a lot that day.

Is it me? Does this kid look like he just ran his first two mile race? There were kids red faced and puking on their way to the finish line. He looks like he had his hair blow dried.

William finished right in the middle. I think he came in at 123. Regardless of his position at the end, he did a great job. Obviously, we are proud of him.

Have a good one, See you next time

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