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Seven Years

October 27, 2009

We had ourselves a little getaway recently. A little road trip took us to the Mohican State Park Resort in Loudonville, Ohio. It was a sweet excursion to celebrate seven years of marriage.

On the way out we found a place to get a late lunch and from there decided to trust Eddie’s navigational skills and use our road atlas to take the back roads to our destination.

Once we found our way through Amish country and the rolling hills we dropped our bags in our room and strolled the trails that surround the resort. One lead us down to Pleasant Hill Lake.

Walking along my husband contemplated the number of truckloads of wood he could clear out and unburden the Ohio State Parks Division.

Granted, there were a few trees that were dead and need to be removed, but we did not bring the chainsaw or a trailer to haul wood home, so I told him to just forget about it!

I’m just sayin’. It’s suppose to be a heck of a winter, he says.

Drop it, I say. Then he pouts…

Actually, this conversation never took place. But it could have. I know how he thinks. Though he did eye some of the dead trees suspiciously and I could see the wheels turning as we found a place to sit and enjoy the scenery the conversation that occurred as we enjoyed our surroundings wasn’t close to that.
No, it was simple and easy talk about the kids, the future, the past and the sunset happening before us.

In the morning I was glad see blues skies and gold leaves as I looked out to the balcony.

We had plans to visit the fire tower before heading home.

There’s only one way to get to the top…

Back in August we camped as a family at the Mohican campgrounds. We visited the fire tower then and the scenery was obviously different.

Come to think of it, I never did post about that trip. Well, I meant to. Maybe next year I can do a “This time last year” post and take a peek back like I did on Memorial Day of this year.

This was the view on Monday the 26th, the actual date of our anniversary…

And of course, photo opportunities were abundant…

Driving those foothills took us up and down and all around. Sometimes we could see what was coming up ahead. Other times there was no way of knowing until we got to the very top whether there was a steep drop in the road or a sharp curve to brace ourselves for as we rode on.
The brilliant colors I admired yesterday were not there a few months ago. Nor would they be there next week. The landscape is ever changing.
I suppose that’s how marriage is. We enjoyed our little road trip. It was short and sweet.
Since we’re making analogies, I suppose that describes me also. Short and sweet.

Until next time,

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