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On this day in 2008

November 4, 2009

Looking through photos of the past year I caught myself reminiscing over this day last November.

I curse my hazey memory for not being able to conjure up the details of this outing.
As you can see I’m not the one taking this picture. ‘Cause that’s me going down the red spiral slide

Memory serves me enough to recall that this was a day spent exploring with my dad. He was probably the one taking that picture but I don’t recall why he didn’t have to work or why Solanna didn’t have school.
I do remember taking these photos…

Even today, Solanna will only take pictures on her terms. How can I complain about that? I wouldn’t want her any other way.

What I started thinking of as I looked at these photos was the fact that here was another season change.

Another one that I hoped to hold onto just a little bit longer.

Then to see pictures of my girl growing up! Ah… that’s the clincher. The juxtaposition of another snapshot of autumn like so many I’m seeing right now with the image of her a year younger. It makes me sort of melancholy.


I have to snap out of this. If we reminisce too far back I’ll start lactating! You folks didn’t come here for that!
So, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go cheer myself up. Somewhere there’s a fun size candy bar in the kids’ Halloween stash with my name on it!

Until next time,

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