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November 8, 2009

This is GreenBear…

His name is GreenBear, that’s who he is.
Now, I will attempt to explain the importance and attachment Solanna imposes on this stuffed creature.

When I was pregnant with Solanna I purchased a soft, squishy, mint green hippo that came with the name “Tubby”. My mind embraced the thought of my infant daughter instantly becoming attached to Tubby and as she grew they would be inseparable. Tubby would be loved beyond repair. I even considered buying two for when she lost the original to save myself the drama that would ensue.
Do you know the story of “The Velveteen Rabbit”?
I was thinking that kind of affection minus the visit from a real, mint green hippo.

Despite my plans (the plans of a hormonal and emotional pregnant woman) Solanna and Tubby had a brief connection that ended with the appearance of GreenBear. Where he came from I do not know. Maybe a garage sale, possibly a gift. His existence sort of snuck up on us.

Until recently GreenBear tagged along on many adventures. He’s been to the library, grocery store, sleepovers at grandma’s, road trips and boy scout camp-outs to name a few.
As a matter of fact, if you were to talk to my daughter about taking him camping she would tell you all about the day “Matt” the scout master swiped him when she wasn’t looking and how she had to keep a close eye on him. Matt that is. Not Green Bear. She still leaves him lying about as if he doesn’t mean the world to her. Scout master “Matt” knows this. It’s a game between them that has ended in tears. He’s okay though. I didn’t like getting mean but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’ve had many conversations as the voice of Green Bear. He talks to her about the weather, and they compare opinions on current events. He tells jokes that can make her bellylaugh so hard she says after, “Oh man, my stomach hurts! GreenBear cracks me up!” Sometimes, GreenBear runs interference on the days that Solanna decides that mom is “not the boss of her.” It amazes me how my girl will surrender to his reason. This power I do not take advantage of and use sparingly.

Because of the danger of misplacing Green Bear when we are out and about I usually persuade her to leave him at home. Some days we make exceptions. Like recently when he came along on a visit to the doctor’s office. Solanna was under the weather for a few days and she tightly held on to her friend as we climbed into our van and drove to town.

When we returned he was tucked in beside her while she slept away whatever illness her body was trying to fight. There was no diagnosis at the doctor’s, therefore no medical cure. But there was GreenBear…

I don’t recall having a toy that I was so attached to when I was a little girl. Yet, now as a mom, I’m so attached to this bear. I’m all for anything that keeps her safe, makes her laugh or helps her heal.
When she doesn’t need him for these things anymore I will pack him away for the day when she needs him again. Be it for her child, or a time in her life when she needs a friend.

Thanks for letting me get all sentimental.
Until next time,

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