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My future trombone player

November 11, 2009

In another life my husband was probably a lumberjack.
This is something he loves to do…

He thinks he’s fooling me when he pretends to dislike this chore. He’s not. Even though he comes home tired, exhausted and sore from cutting, lifting, and loading up firewood, I know that he gets a kick out of running his chainsaw and driving his truck through fields on the search for dead and unwanted trees to cut up and bring home to keep his family warm.

Wait…this is a subject for a different post. Come on my darling husband, drop the saw, let’s go get some culture, we’ve got a concert to go to!

Ah yes, here we are. A Young People’s Concert at Bowling Green State University.

If you live in the Northwest Ohio area this is definitely worth the trip. The first Saturday of the month the university offers these concerts. Though the program is geared towards kids it’s fun for everyone. The price is right also. Eddie, Solanna, and I got in for five buckaroos.

The theme for this concert was FMB Fever. The FMB standing for the Falcon Marching Band of Bowling Green State University.

Earplugs were offered at the door in case the sound was too loud. But, the acoustics were great and we did not need them. It was explained that not all the Falcons would fit into the recital hall so, only a small number from the band performed.

The fundamentals of a marching bands were explained. The instruments…

Different styles of marching…

At one point the kids were given the opportunity to get up and get a good look at the instruments…

Amongst all of this learning the band played songs from the program list to help emphasize the different styles of music that a marching band plays.

My girl was watching this list. We looked it over before the show started and she could not wait to hear a certain song…

Please excuse the grainy footage and mediocre audio. I used the movie mode on my camera

She was so excited to hear a Michael Jackson song! Especially this song. This past Halloween she requested “Thriller” over and over. In the morning while getting ready for school. We heard it on the way to the store and sitting in the drive-way listening to it just one more time. Who would have thought this song would come back? I think I was … wait..doing the math..uh..eight. Just three years older than Solanna now. Weird.

The finale was an opportunity for everyone to join in and march with the band…

That’s my lumberjack with the blue hat…

Returning to her seat she said she liked marching with the band. I asked what instrument she would want to play? She said the trombone.
So, we have a possible future trombone player in the family.

Can you play “Billie Jean” on the trombone?

Until next time,

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