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Baking with young ‘uns

November 13, 2009

Solanna had the pleasure of a visiting cousin recently. I had the job of playing referee when personalities clashed.
Take two girls close in age, strong willed, and used to being in charge, put them in each other’s company and you have yourself a dilemma.
My solution? Make ’em stand still in one spot to help me make banana bread.

They gave an excited “YES!” when I asked but really they had no idea what banana bread was. My daughter’s cuisine consists of things like apples with peanut butter, crackers with cheese, carrots with dip, toast with butter, juice in a blue cup, chicken on an orange plate.
As for my niece, she’s gung-ho for whatever her cousin wants to do. I could have asked if they wanted to help make Brussel sprout sandwiches and she would have agreed. This was high adventure for them.

I let them do the fun stuff…

Solanna being the natural “teacher” that she is, demonstrated the importance of stirring gently so you don’t spill the batter…

Ar`Ciele (pronounced air-see-el) did a good job at keeping the contents in the bowl. She’s a natural…

After the mashing and mixing the thrill was gone for them. All my words about measuring precisely and the importance of accurate oven temperature and how to grease a pan fell on deaf ears.

Actually, those words fell on no ears.

They must have realized that the next step would be to do dishes. That or I bored them with all of my talking. Probably the latter.
I never did find their hiding spot.
Not even Dora and Boots knew where they were.

As I took the bread out of the oven the girls seemed just as excited as I was. The house smelled wonderful!
We were in a hurry to run an errand so, we set the bread out to cool knowing it would be ready soon.
When we returned I cut a piece for them to try. Can you believe that they didn’t like it? I’ve never known anyone to not like banana bread!
Being in such shock I didn’t even think to take pictures of their sincere expressions of dislike.

So, there you have it. The one thing they did agree on, banana bread not good.
Maybe they would have liked it if I told them it wasn’t good for them. Maybe serving it on matching Elmo plates could have done the trick.
Betcha Dora and Boots could have sold it. I can just see her pulling it out of her backpack! How do you say banana bread in spanish?


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