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Photo Challenge~ Forks…. ugh

December 2, 2009

This post is part of a photo challenge I joined recently. But, read on it’s for everyone!

Last week when I looked up the would be theme for today I foresaw crazy images of people sitting around the table eating and expressively waving their forks in the air. It was knowing that Thanksgiving was within the week that instantly brought this to mind.

Unfortunately, I captured no such shots. Mainly because I was the one eating and waving my fork and as the host I was so busy that it slipped my mind until late in the celebrations to take pictures. Despite these things I did manage to get a few pics of my family…

Doesn’t everyone have a crazy aunt in their family?

The theme in general did stump me. Forks? Short of going to a restaurant supply outlet, what was a girl to do?
Yesterday being the last day for me to play with idea, I ventured out to run some errands in one of the nearby towns

Of course!…. how could I forget this place? We’ve been here many times for Italian night!
My weakness: pasta in any form.

Oh, but wait, I must tell you! My camera… it broke.
I tried to fix it, but right now, it’s in pieces in a bowl looking like a mess of screws, plastic pieces, and wiring. I need a camera doctor!

Back to the theme…
Granted, I was using a better than average Olympus point and shoot, but I knew the bells and whistles on it. I borrowed my husband’s camera to satisfy my photo quest. This one I’m not so familiar with.

Undaunted, I perused a antique shop to find “forks”…

For me, this was dangerous. I’m lucky to be back home to write this post. Put me in a shop full of vintage hankies, pretty depression glass, and antique pie safes and I’m lost. Remember the distraction of dust from last week’s theme?
All I’m sayin’ is antique shops, me, not good.

This one…

kills me. A hispanic Barbie. I love her dress.
Where’s my sister? Maria! It’s okay! I’m still a staunch anti-Barbie-ist.

After having waaay too much fun, I returned home to take one last spin on the idea. Forks…
And here it is.

Thanks to my stepson, we have an over abundance of overripe bananas on my counter top. So, it looks as if everyone within a 30 mile radius will be getting a loaf of banana bread for the holidays. William… he’s so thoughtful. So, the recipe is on the counter, and the oven is preheating. Good smells coming soon…

And to hold my recipes up for me to read and to keep them from being splattered with egg, oil or whatever, this is how I usually keep them propped up. Thanks, Martha Stewart.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to investigate the reason why my dish washer leaves these spots on all of my glasses.

Until next time,

Again thank you to shutterboo.

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