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A thank you post

December 3, 2009

I would like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to send a postcard to my daughter’s kindergarten class.
This post goes out to you. And, please, keep ’em coming!

A few days before Thanksgiving my daughter had a student led conference at school.
Everything went well, she’s doing good, we had a nice discussion with her teacher and on the way out the door we stopped to take a look at all of the postcards that have been sent in to the class. As a way to learn about geography, Solanna’s teacher has asked parents and their family and friends to send in postcards to the students.
When the cards come in everyone gets to share in the experience of finding the location on the map and discussing things about the card.

There are a bunch! Some from as far away as Ja…

uh… excuse me. We’re trying to do a post here to show appreciation to the folks that sent out a postcard…

Hey, come on! Work with me here!
Thank you. As you can see folks, it’s usually my husband that’s getting the kids into trouble.

Back to the postcards…
As I was saying some of the postcards are from as far away as Japan. Others were a little closer to home…

Now, if you see yours here, just give a yell.

That’s right, Solanna, keep your eyes on your father. Don’t let him get you into trouble…

Because the above card was sent by a friend of mine on the West coast, Solanna suggested that she take a picture of me with the the postcard…

Thank you for your patience. And excuse the hair. Can you believe I go out in public like that?

See this sweet look of affection?

This was the look she gave when I told her it was from her aunt in California. Oh, I love her, she said. Then she batted her lashes.

Here’s another. Our neighbors sent it from their vacation in Florida.

This one is from her uncle. Sorry, brother, she loves you, but you didn’t get the batting of her lashes…

And as for the blurry picture, I think someone was trying to play footsie under the table.
I’m not sure why this card from my coworker got such a look of surprise….

The last card we took a picture of was from my cousin in Minnesota…

Hi, Debbie!

We looked at all of the cards sent to her and her classmates. We were there so long, the teacher had another conference and went home before we decided to skip out of there.

Sometimes, I have to take my husband places so he can burn off energy. This was one of those times.
And by the way, does anyone else out there have a girl who is still wearing the shoes from her Halloween costume?

Oh, how a little part of me wishes for those shoes to fit her forever and ever.

Until next time,

P.S. Again, thank you for taking the time to send in a postcard.

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  1. Adriana De Los Santos permalink
    December 3, 2009 9:11 pm

    How great that I see the Columbus Zoo post card! i’m the zookeeper who sent that one! I was going to ask for the address again because I am doing an internship right now at the Guadalajara Zoo in Mexico and wanted to send another post card! Please send me the address again! Thanks!

    • Victoria permalink*
      December 3, 2009 11:22 pm

      Hi Adriana! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll make sure to get that address to you.

      Congrats on the internship in Mexico!

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