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Our annual search

December 22, 2009

Every year we go out as a family and look for the tree that we will take home and decorate to be our Christmas Tree.
There’s a certain routine about it.
First we have to pile everyone in the back of Eddie’s wood truck to take a ride to the farthest stretch of our local tree farm…

By the way, the extra kid, that’s my nephew. He went with us a few years ago and now it’s tradition to throw him in the back of the truck to.

Don’t worry, to get to the tree farm I drive the young ‘uns separate in our van. We don’t go out on the public road this way.

And for you folks that would like to try this at home but don’t own a truck, or a rope to tie the tree to the top of any other vehicle, there is a solution. Find the closest truck dealership and take one for a spin. I guess they won’t mind if you borrow it to go get you’re Christmas tree. Eddie and I assumed that’s the reason for this…

A test drive. What better way to test it out?

Before the search begins everyone gets a mug of hot cocoa to sip while they look for a Christmas tree candidate ….

Did you see me? Yup. That’s my thumb.
Note to self for next year: Make more hot chocolate next year. One liter thermos is not enough.

The usual shenanigans occur…

and every year we find a bird’s nest. Just one of the reasons I love getting a real tree. Until it’s time to be cut down, that tree is home to many little creatures…

When we find the right one, we usually ask a stranger to take our picture in front of next to in the vicinity of our new found Christmas tree.

Note to self: Remember to wear a more flattering hat next year.
And have you noticed that soon, the only person shorter than me will be Solanna?

Next, everyone takes a turn at the saw…

Then, the oh-so-willing helpers debate over the who and how of carrying the tree to the truck…

to take our chosen tree home to be decorated with our many treasured, nostalgic, ornaments and lit with hundreds of lights.

Isn’t she lovely? Never mind the haphazardly, dangling ornaments at the bottom. Or the slight lean to the east.
It’s all part of the experience.
O, Christmas tree…O, Christmas tree….

Until next time,

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