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How now brown cow?

December 31, 2009

This week the theme for the Flickr Photo Challenge was “brown”.
Never in the past week was I not able to find this color. It is everywhere!
My stepson’s school…

My sunglasses on the dashboard…

Our woodpile…

From my mail route…

Also from the route is this shot of a rusty cable that runs for miles beside a busy road as guardrail. Just a few inches past it is a deep ditch that looks foreboding this time of year…

The younger of our two chocolate labs…

But no brown cow. Well, there were brown cows on my mail route, but they were uncooperative. Too busy hangin’ out in poorly lit barns and being milked.
Maybe next time I can catch a shot. Hopefully shutterboo has a “cow” theme?

My favorite “brown” I found this past week? These boots…

And these…

They belong to my husband. Today when I was looking for some last minute “brown things” to capture I found his work boots in the garage.
Over the years he has owned many pairs of boots.
Boots that I trip over on a daily basis.
Boots that our children each have clopped through the house wearing when they were little.
Even though it doesn’t look it, he is meticulous at keeping the leather of his boots clean and oiled so that he can get as much life out of them as he can. Sometimes the sole wears out before the shoe.
Why he has so many pairs, I don’t know. He rotates them somehow. Old pair, new pair, warm pair, cool pair. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

All I know is that I have bunches and bunches of “brown” in my world and these boots are my favorite example. Bear with me.
Until next time,

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