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Their Gift to Her

January 8, 2010

On Tuesday I mentioned that Solanna would be celebrating a half birthday at school.
I anxiously waited to hear all that she had to tell about her day.
She came home with a huge smile, a story about her good day, a crown, a bag of goodies, …and an empty cupcake carrier. All but one had been gobbled up and that last one she left at school for a boy who was absent and missed the party.

When checking through her backpack I discovered a book of drawings titled “Solanna’s Birthday Book”.

Inside is a collection of drawings from the class.
This I had to share. There are 21 drawings in the slide show below and I have a few favorites, but every one of them is a work of art. Oh, how I love the creative expression in these.
Enjoy. Let me know which ones you like.

If this is moving a little too fast or slow for you, speed up with the plus and minus buttons on the bottom left.

Until next time,

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