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How to celebrate a birthday: part II

January 11, 2010

My step-daughter is officially now twelve.

The above title shoud read “How to celebrate a birthday…twelve year old style“.
That’s how we spent this past Saturday: celebrating Kayleigh’s twelfth birthday.

For our birthdays around here we let the kids call the shots. If they have no ideas we offer suggestions, but in the case of Kayleigh, she knew right away what she wanted to do. She wanted to have a couple of friends over, go eat dinner, and come back home to hang out with her girls.
But the fun was in the spontaneous things that we just went with.

Like chair spinning….

and sledding. With all of the snow we’ve had how could we not take the opportunity to do some sledding?

and snowboarding…

Dinner was fun…

But, my favorite part is always the singing of “Happy Birthday”…

and blowing out the candles….

So now it’s official, she is twelve. She’s such a wonderful twelve. Because even though she’s going through all of the normal “tween” stuff, she is such a great person. I am always amazed at her generosity, empathetic heart, creativity, and most of all her humor. Oh, how I dig her humor! This girl can crack me up with just a simple gesture.
Even though she is not my biological child she has a filled a huge space in my heart. Of, course there is a huge space for every child in my family that I love and call mine. That has been one of the most wonderful surprises about being a step-parent. The way that my heart has taken shape to encompass every one of my step-children, regardless of how we came to be in each other’s lives but I suppose that’s a story for a different post.
This post is about Kayleigh and how we celebrated and honored her. I am so thankful that she let me be part of it.
Oh, how I love you, girl.

Until next time,

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