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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ toilet

January 13, 2010

Oh, boy. Really? Toilet?

I tried so hard to stay out of the bathroom. For a number of reasons. One of them being that out here in the country we have terribly hard water and no matter what I do, the two toilets in this house NEVER look clean. And just when I was okay with this… shutterboo (the creator of this weekly photo challenge), gives “toilet” as this week’s theme.
But, I’m willing to get over it for the sake of creativity. Let’s move on.

The first toilet I found was in a picture book my daughter brought home from school…

We (my daughter and I) were so excited about finding a toilet we almost didn’t finish the book. My kids are hapless helpers on these types of projects but they humor me. Graciously my girl reminded me to finish the story. If you get a chance please read “Owen” by Kevin Henkes. Good stuff.

Next: a miniature toilet I found in my daughter’s room. It’s amaaazing what can be found in there!

Finally, after noticing the late morning shadows I resolved to take my camera to the loo…

The rest is history…

To see which one I submitted to the Weekly Photo Challenge stop on over. Again, good stuff. Scroll over those words and click to get there.

And so, there you go. Another weekly photo notch on my belt.
There are a few folks I need to acknowlegde on this one…
My daughters… great models
My father… thanks dad, for giving the goldfish idea
and last but not least, my neighbor for sacrificing her pizza flavored goldfish for this project. You rock, Megan!

Until next time,

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