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January 20, 2010

This week’s “Weekly Photo Challenge” theme is “eyes”.
I was excited about this one. So many possibilities. No problemo, right?
Oh, how wrong I was. Things did not work out that way.
We had a little “Weekly Challenge” of our own.
Giving you the short version: work, basketball games (a post on that coming soon…), pet wrangling, grocery shopping, work, basketball games, vehicle repair($$$$), more shopping, cleaning, pet wrangling, work, laundry, basketball games, vehicle repair($$$) and again, pet wrangling.
Now, granted, most of those items listed above are just every day things. Everyone can relate.
But, there’s something about having to spend large amounts of money on a vehicle that we almost have paid off that really leaves a person feeling cranky. So, I’ve been a little uninspired.

I did get a few shots of eyes. The first being that pet that I’m constantly wrangling…

Costco loves us. We’re feeding her their puppy food and their adult cat blend. Any day she will start meowing and coughing up hairballs.
Not to mention the sticks of butter she swipes from the counter, the used tissue and toilet paper rolls from the bathroom garbage, miscellaneous legos and barbie doll limbs. Then there’s the things she tries to drag in from outside: dried corn stalks and corn cobs from the farmer’s field, wood chips from the woodpile, and garbage from the neighbor’s dumpster (hi, neighbors. I see you shopped at WalMart this week). I do believe she is part goat.

Then there are the eyes of my daughter. At times she is just as demanding as our goat puppy. Yet, these days as she has matured a little more and listens to reason more often than not, I look forward to talking to her and learning about who she is.

Believe me, her fondness for Michael Jackson and questions about if he and Rev. Martin Luther King are hanging out together in heaven are not for the faint of heart. With who else can I discuss the grossness of the goat puppy eating used q-tips while sharing a delicious bowl of oatmeal with blueberries in the morning? My dark-eyed girl up there, that’s who.

She’s one of the reasons we keep doing what we do around here. I do believe she keeps me sane. Crazy questions and all.

Until next time,

For a peek at other inspired “eye” shots and to see which one I submitted head over to Flickr for the shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge. Warning: proceed only if you have time to look. Good stuff.

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