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Basketball frenzy

January 29, 2010

With two of my stepchildren in basketball this season, again I’ve become a spectator.
I’m polite and a good basketball mom. I don’t holler out to the refs, or make fun of the other team.
Nor, do I tell the coach how he/she should be running the game.
I could do all of those things.
As a matter of fact, there are moments when I feel the urge come to mind. But to do so would be un-sportsman like.
Not to mention that I have no right to criticize when I’m not the one out there running my fanny back and forth across the floor and getting elbows thrown at me.

So, how I do I behave?
I keep my camera to my eye and snap away. It’s better that way for everyone.
I can’t say that Mr. Riddle does the same. He always has something to say about things.
Despite his resolution for a kindler, gentler 2010 on his behalf, he always seems to add his two cents…

And if they can’t hear him from the bleachers he’s not afraid to let someone know what’s on his mind…

Actually, none of that is true. He really does behave himself. But, where’s the fun in that? I need drama!
This “kinder, gentler 2010” is no fun for this blogger.

Thankfully, these kids make up for it. They play a good game and make their parents proud.
Of course they each have their own game. That’s their word for style, I guess. Sometimes they school me on the right lingo.

William, his advantage is speed…

With those long limbs it better be, right?
Surprisingly, he’s not the tallest boy out there playing ball. There are a few as tall as him…

But, not many can outrun him.

Kayleigh, on the other hand, her height is definitely her strong point. Especially, when she’s 5’6″ in the sixth grade…

Do you see her?…

Yup. that’s her with the ball. Usually, after she gets the ball there’s a brief pile on and then the other girls just give up.
“That’s right I’m the tallest”…

One thing these kids do have in common?
Socks. One knows how to match them yet wears the loudest she can find. The other?
At least he’s got school spirit….

I’m just happy to be part of it all. Despite the task of keeping Mr. Riddle in check.

Until next time,

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  1. January 29, 2010 11:02 pm

    You do a great job catching the action. I am looking forward for spring track to begin with hopes of getting some good shots of my jumper!

    Enjoy your weekend – we need to get coffee some time!

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