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February 23, 2010

Sometimes I forget about the young people in my house.
I remember to feed them, get them up for school, and remind them to brush their teeth.
If I were a gambling woman I would put money down that when I sort laundry, I’ll find socks balled up and hiding in the legs of jeans. When in search for the scotch tape dispenser the first place I look is the youngest child’s room. If the ice tea maker is brewing I know exactly who started it up. These things make me constantly aware that I share my home with other people.
Yet, sometimes being too caught up in due dates, schedules, and meal planning makes it easy to forget that these young people have daily lives of their own.
So, today while doing some brain storming for this post I stopped to take notice of some of the signs that my children leave behind everyday that give me just a clue of what is going on with them.

The five year old has placed a few memos about to remind herself to look up info about Albert Einstein. After seeing a picture of him on Oprah she’s made it this week’s knowledge quest.
These notes are posted on the inside and the outside of both front and back doors.

The twelve year old’s desk is covered with normal stuff, right?
It’s the make-up mirror that reminds me of our recent conversation about why I wouldn’t buy her leather boots with three inch heels.
Things like crayons, a gluestick, and a tiny plate of jawbreaker candy help me feel good about sticking to my guns, even though I remember being her age and wanting so badly to have grown up things.
And by the way, do you see that folded, paper, thingy? Remember those? Pick a color..b..l..u..e. Pick a number…1..2..3..4. Pick again… you will marry your true love and have four kids.
What were those called? Mine came true. How bout yours?

A lone lego skateboard left behind by a thirteen year old who is packing away little boy things to replace them with young man things.

There are many other clues about my home. And today I remind myself to take notice. I need to follow my little girl’s lead and post some memos of my own.
Mine should say things like “pay attention to your young ‘uns” and “listen to them objectively.”
For now I’ll start with my girl’s suggestion. We’ll be looking up Einstein at the library tonight.

Until next time,

This post is part of Steady Mom’s 30 minute blog challenge.
Post time: 35 minutes

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  1. February 24, 2010 3:27 pm

    I have been photographing very similarly this week!!! Isn’t id fun… I have been walking around taking pictures of evidence that they really are a couple of kids lurking in our house: the pile of books on a shelf just big enough for one in the closet… a tea party set up under the table (water and raisins) and so on… I am sure it is a post!!! Have a great week!!!

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