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March 22, 2010
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We are a blended family. Mr. Riddle has shared parenting with William and Kayleigh’s mother. This means that we rotate weekends and weeks. Every other weekend and every two weeks they come to stay with us. Not to mention a mid-week visitation on the weeks they aren’t here. Sometimes it gets a little confusing and we have to do a lot of calendar checking when it comes to planning things, but for the most part this works for us.

One of the interesting (possibly, one of the best things) about being a blended family is the time that’s given to reconnecting with each other after being apart.

helping out


Oh yes, there is the normal sibling rivalry. Made more so by a very demanding five year old who is always a little over zealous in showing her brother and sister how much she missed them.

Yet, there are moments when it is obvious that we are glad to be back in each other’s company.
This I look forward to every time we are back together.

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