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more dancing…

April 12, 2010

There has been a little more dancing going on in my daughter’s world.

First, we attended the final week for dance class last Friday. My girl has been taking a creative movement class at BGSU.
dance class2

dance class1
Until next fall, she’ll be doing her dancing at home and any other event we get invited to that offers music and a place to get down!

Second, a Luau attended by the youngest Riddle and her dad.
Some photo opps before the event…
father/daughter dance

Then some serious spinning to make sure the skirt is gonna work…


It’s a keeper. Until they get to the dance and it’s traded for a grass skirt.
Can you blame her?
father/daughter dance

I think this is the YMCA…
father/daughter dance

And of course the Limbo!…
father/daughter dance

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall that night! I went to the movies with my sister but made it home in time to hear all about the great time her and Mr. Riddle had.
father/daughter dance
After three daughters and many father/daughter dances, I’m sure he was able to keep up with her. And I know for a fact he does a mean chicken dance.

Until next time,

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