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photo challenge ~ orange

April 14, 2010

These days my daughter’s favorite color is orange. It used to be pink, then green, now orange.
She likes orange soda, orange popsicles, orange clothes (as you will see below) and of course, oranges. Oh, let me not forget to mention macaroni and cheese. Not because it’s orange, mind you. Yet, it’s a little bonus for my orange-liking kid.
Yet, I did not consult her for this week’s theme. If you saw last week’s PC post you might remember that she assisted me on that one. This week I decided to go it alone.

So, here are my “orange” shots:

photo challenge ~ orange

photo challenge ~orange

photo challenge ~ orange

photo challenge ~ orange

photo challenge ~ orange

photo challenge ~ orange

There was much “orange” to be found. And I’m thinkin’ that this color is growing on me. I never gave it much attention before. I thought of orange barrels and traffic cones. But, while looking for orange I found a new appreciation for it.

Now, get yourself on over to shutterboo’s weekly photo pool to find out which one I submitted and to see all of the other “orange” photos. I’m heading there myself to add mine to the group and get a look at the other interpretations.

“Orange” you glad you stopped by?
Until, next time,

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  1. terri permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:52 pm

    hi! neat pics! obviously you were never a gibsonburg golden bear. haha. the kids and I have more orange sweatshirts, shorts, show laces, sweats, etc. than you can shake a stick im still not tired of orange tho!

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