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a funny phenomena

April 26, 2010

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that we all have something in common.
By the end of this post I’m sure you will agree.
bunny ear phenomena

Bunny ear pranksters…
bunny ear phenomena

Years ago I tried to discourage it. Stupid me.
bunny ear phenomena

Then I just gave in and let ’em get it out of their system. Why fight it?
bunny ear phenomena

Obviously some of us are proud to be the butt of such a practical joke.
bunny ear phenomena

And for the others who are unsuspecting victims?
bunny ear phenomena

They just pay it forward.
bunny ear phenomena

It doesn’t necessarily have to be done to the person who got you last.
bunny ear phenomena

It just has to be done in the same manner.
bunny ear phenomena

But then, there are no set rules, are there?
bunny ear phenomena

Does your family have a bunny ear master? In my clan it’s my husband.
bunny ear phenomena

bunny ear phenomena

bunny ear phenomena

Mr. Riddle always remembers to liven things up a bit.
bunny ear phenomena
Whether it’s necessary of not.

Below is a slideshow of these pics and others that I found while looking for funny bunny ear inspiration.
These are just a sampling in the Riddle family collection. Enjoy.
Hope your day is going well,

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  1. April 28, 2010 11:36 pm

    What is it with the bunny ears? We have them popping up in our family photos as well…much like many of my friends…there they are…bunny ears!

    What encourages these funny little accessories to make themselves known? Do they miss sunlight and fresh air when they’re away? Do they long for friends and just make the occasional appearance to curb those lonely feelings? Or maybe they just like to liven things up, much like your Mr. Riddle (: Whatever the case, I’m so glad they’re around (:

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