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Operation Farmer-Vision and a keepsake

May 10, 2010
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Mr. Riddle has a little project going on right now. He is installing farmer-vision.
Now, to my farmer friends, you know who you are, please don’t be insulted by the label. Take no offense.
I’m using my husband’s words and he grew up in this rural area. He grew up without cable. No MTV, no VH1, no Nickelodeon, no HBO or Showtime. This boggled my TV influenced mind.

Searching through radio stations on a late night drive home we sometimes come across a station playing eighties music. He knows the songs, he sings the words. His favorite? “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Heart.
You do not know how long it took me to stop asking the question, “Remember the video for this song?”
“You never saw the video for Rock me, Amadeus?”
“You never saw a Madonna video?”
“You never saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller?”
“You never saw the Walk Like an Egyptian video?”
No, no, no, and nope.
Except now he has. Thanks to Youtube.
But, it’s not the same as having them ingrained on the brain when you are young and impressionable. This may be part of my problem. Back to the story.

So, we are installing an old fashioned antenna. Good bye and so long, satellite TV. The main reason being that we don’t watch television enough to justify the high price of this service. Still, to keep our local channels we need some kind of reception system. Mr. Riddle is on the job.
antennae installation 1

Have I ever mentioned that Mr. Riddle does things on the side of excess? If not, maybe now is the time to say it.
Mr. Riddle does things on the side of excess.
And I no longer try to suggest, detour or stop him. I just follow and offer safe practices. That is my job.

He has done gone and found an antennae tower, purchased one of those great big metal Channel Master antennae and a booster box. His plan is to pick up signals within a 100 mile radius.

The first step in his plan was to pour a base to mount the tower. He dug a deep hole, inserted a form, put the first piece of the tower down in the tube and made sure it was level.
antennae installation 2

A little lesson in concrete mixing was given Sunday morning.
antennae installation 4

antennae installation 3

“Dad, who says you can’t pour concrete in a skirt?”
antennae installation 5

Solanna had a new red shovel to try out. She helped put dirt back in around the concrete form.
Antennae installtion 8

But, she was not going to dirty up that nice, new shovel with muddy old concrete. Her words.
antennae installation 6

The form was filled to the top and leveled off. Step one of Operation Farmer-Vision complete.
antennae installation 7

Now, I must admit that I was not too excited about pouring concrete on Mother’s Day morning. Yes, I was allowed to sleep in, I woke to a breakfast of pancakes and sausage and coffee, Mother’s Day gifts were opened and I loved them. It was a beautiful morning.
Yet, I would have much preferred to linger longer at the breakfast table or take a walk. Instead we made a concrete form for the TV antennae.
I am not disappointed. I”ll tell you why.
After mixing up all that concrete there was excess from the last batch. Rather than dump it somewhere and let it harden and turn to waste we came up with a last minute plan to make a keepsake.
Mr. Riddle found an old five gallon bucket and cut the bottom off. We filled it with the extra mix and voila!

mother's day keepsake

We have ourselves a little token of this year’s Mother’s Day.
mother's day keepsake

Maybe I’ll place it in the flower bed, maybe not. Possibly I’ll place it on the front porch for visitors to see.
Wherever I place it I will always remember this Mother’s Day. It was special in it’s own way. I’ll think of how warm the sun felt on us as we worked, throwing a ball for the dogs to keep them out of the way. I’ll think of the moments when I was so happy to watch my daughter learn something new, watching her dig up sand in a skirt and tennis shoes, making her own memories.

Thanks to Operation Farmer-Vision, I will always remember this Mother’s Day.

Until next time,

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  1. terri permalink
    May 10, 2010 5:21 pm

    aaaww. thats awesome victoria:)

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