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photo challenge ~ skyline

May 27, 2010

This post my dear friends is going to have to be short and sweet.
It has been a busy week. A week jammed packed with work, softball games, t-ball practice, school field- trips, and a rush to get things in line for a couple members of the family to go on a backpacking trip to southern Ohio.

Yet! I have managed to find some “skyline” shots for this week’s challenge.
Wanna see them?

skyline 3

skyline 8

skyline 6

skyline 1

skyline 7

skyline 4

Now you must head over to Flickr to see which one I have submitted and to check out all of the other “skyline” images. I’m excited to view some of the other interpretations. I love living in the country and always seeing the big sky up above, but it will be nice to see a change of scenery.

Until next time,

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