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Hawaii Day

May 31, 2010

A few weeks back the kindergarten teachers at my daughters school put together an event called “Hawaii Day.” How this annual event began I’m not sure. But there was a lot of excitement as the day approached. There was lots of crafting and organizing and volunteering from parents for preparation and food.
As soon as I put Solanna on the bus the morning of the big day I headed to the school to “help.” Really, help is a stretch. I was there to take pictures. I was just as excited as she was for her to go to Hawaii.

If you were to ask any one of the kindergardeners how they were going to get to Hawaii they would tell you, “On a plane!”
If you ride a plane you must check in….

Hawaii Day

Wait in the security line….
Hawaii Day

Flying tip: Always bring something familiar from home. It helps with anxiety, and eases the stress of flying.
Hawaii Day

Hawaii Day
Claiming and tagging your bags…
Hawaii Day
This airline had no charge for luggage but you still had to declare any liquids or hazardous items…
Hawaii Day

All of the luggage was held in a high security holding spot…
Hawaii Day
Finally, boarding the plane…
Hawaii Day

Hawaii Day
The passengers got to meet their pilot…
Hawaii Day

And then, the actual flight…

After landing the passengers where whisked away to change into bathing suits and flip flops for a day at a Hawaiian resort….
Hawaii Day

Hawaii Day

Hawaii Day
There was swimming….
Hawaii Day
Actually this resembles the “how many clowns can you fit into a car.”
Hawaii Day

How many kindergardeners can you fit into a wadding pool? I’m a witness…. four wading pools, four classes of kindergardeners…… lots!

This Hawaiian resort also offered a game room and….
Hawaii Day

A tattoo parlor. My girl opted for a Hula girl.
Hawaii Day

There was also dining on octopuses, fruit kabobs, poi, and volcanoes made from chocolate rice krispies. Unfortunately this mom took no pictures of the great food. I was too busy rolling a lunch cart full of juice pouches to the hungry vacationers. But I can say from personal experience, the octopus tasted just like hot dogs and who knew a volcano was so appetizing.

After lunch the resorters were taken back to the classrooms to change and get ready for recess. Because after all of the that pretending, a little down time was in order.

Except for the helping parents. We were busy getting things back in order. There was a beach to get rid of, a game room to turn back into a auditorium, and the pools were emptied and put away to wait for next year’s Hawaii Day. Unfortunately, Solanna and I will not be a part of it. She is moving on to first grade.

But I am so grateful to her teachers and all of the other parents that made this year’s event so great.
Despite the cool and sunless day, it was still so much fun.
And Solanna enjoyed herself too…
Hawaii Day

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  1. bobbie botsay permalink
    June 3, 2010 11:43 am

    Awesome video, I felt like I was there. Very creative minds at work, that came up with the whole idea.

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