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How to celebrate a birthday III

June 21, 2010

I’ve been meaning to get back on the blogwagon. Over the past few weeks I’ve thought of an idea for a new post, then let it slip away as I drove my kids to their ball games. From the sidelines I snapped dozens of photos only to have them sitting on the computer waiting to be uploaded while I helped plant the garden, or hang clothes on the line. Yet, I offer no apologies. I’ve just been enjoying (sometimes) the warm weather.

Well, maybe one excuse. My dad. See, he turned sixty recently and we had a little fiesta just for him.
Actually, it was a medium fiesta. I have a big family. I don’t think we have ever had a small party.
So there was a little planning and prep involved.

A banquet hall was rented and I put one of my kids to work at the bar serving drinks.
I told her to take it easy on the tequila. Fortunately she had the good sense to stick with the soda. Somebody’s raising her up right….
birthday party

I also hired a chef…
birthday party

Note: the term “hired” is used loosely. Really, he was there to show Mr. Riddle how to use the instant read thermometer. In real life he is my old friend Michael. The term “old” is also used loosely. I’m only 36 for pete’s sake.
birthday party

These two gentlemen you see here below were scavengers waiting for scraps. In real life they are my stepson William and my neighbor, Keith. Or maybe they were the fire watch crew. Mr. Riddle has been known to catch a few things on fire.
birthday party

While waiting for the grub line to calm down, I got a few shots of my family.
birthday party

My mom…
birthday party

Cousin Kyla, Aunt Barbara, and Aunt Vickie…
birthday party

My mom again (the camera hog) and Aunt Kim…
birthday party

My Uncle Rick and the guest of honor, my dad…
birthday party

Lots of younguns and babies…
birthday party

birthday party

birthday party

Cousins Kerrigan, Melanie and my brother Eddie…
birthday party

And I’m thinkin’ that my cousin in the middle up above did not come to the party with this guy…
Just a thought.

More younguns and babies…


Of course with all of the kids we had to have a piñata. Even though it was a 60th birthday party, we could not have a party without a piñata for the little ones…
birthday party

birthday party

And the big ones…
birthday party

Finally, the pièce de résistance: the birthday cake….
birthday party

Call me cruel for putting all sixty candles on my dad’s cake but I don’t care what anyone says. Those wax numbers do not qualify as legitimate birthday candles. If you are gonna celebrate sixty, you need to go all out…
birthday party

Besides, there is always someone around that is glad to help assist in the ceremonies. A big thanks to Keirsten, my neighbor’s daughter…
birthday party

Afterwards, a little gathering at my house…
birthday party

to sit around and do a little oohing and aahing over the cards and gifts.
birthday party

My favorite thing about the day? Being together.
birthday party

My brother and sister-in-law joined us for the weekend from California, and most of my extended family made a long drive to my neck of the woods to celebrate this birthday.
Dad's 60th birthday celebration

It was well worth the planning and preparation. Never mind the stressing out, and the million trips back to the house to get one more forgotten item. I’ll be ready for the next big party. Maybe.

Until next time,

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  1. Nikolle permalink
    June 22, 2010 6:17 pm

    It was totally worth it!

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