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birthday riddle

September 17, 2010

Today is Mr. Riddle’s birthday. He is one year away from forty.
After reading one of my blog posts one day he asked me why I refer to him as “Mr. Riddle”?
I admitted I have no idea. Really I don’t. Maybe because here in this space if I use that title everyone will know I’m talkin’ about the the head honcho, the big kahuna, the man of the house, the big cheese!
If we take a peek back at my “could have been married to Fritz” post you can understand my predicament.

But maybe he’s worried that you folks are not getting the bigger picture.
So, in an effort to share with you who my husband really is and acknowledge his wonderfulness, I offer some images.

He has a sensitive side…
Mr. Riddle pics

and an adventurous side.

He’s a big believer in “healer naps”…
Mr. Riddle pics

and collecting what you love…
Mr. Riddle pics

Besides being the master of “bunny ears”…
Mr. Riddle pics
photo credit goes to Solanna

he’s a man that knows how to wear a hat…
Mr. Riddle pics

and a mask.
Mr. Riddle pics

He tries to take his job as a father seriously…
Mr. Riddle pics

yet, he is a dad that loves to play.

Lastly, he is one of the hardest working persons I know…
Mr. Riddle

Mr. Riddle

Almost to a fault. Because sometimes I have to remind him to stop and take a minute to enjoy the view.
Mr. Riddle

But when he does, I’m pretty lucky to be the gal he wants to share it with.
Mr. Riddle pics
photo taken by Mr. Riddle

What a wonderful view it is…
High Adventure trip to Yosemite
photo credit, Mr. Riddle

Happy Birthday, my husband. Thanks for sharing another year with me.

Until next time,

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  1. September 17, 2010 2:51 pm

    Happy Birthday to the Mister! I hope there’s birthday cake!

    • Victoria permalink*
      September 17, 2010 11:16 pm

      Oh yes! There has to be cake. He has a terrible sweet tooth!
      It will have to wait till Saturday due to a busy schedule though :)

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