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sunsets on the fly

October 21, 2010

With the light changing as the days get shorter I’ve watched the shadows in my home change and magically appear where just the day before there was none.
October doings14
Oh, October how I love you and know that you bring shorter days and colder months ahead.
We have been enjoying the activities that this month has brought us.
Such as cookie making, cause who doesn’t like to fire up the oven and warm up the house a little?
October doings8

See if you can figure out what it is and which one of the Riddle clan was the creator of the cut out cookie below…
October doings7
Ten points for the first correct answer. “You rock” if you figure it out.

There has also been some sharing of scary stories…
October doings15

and hunting for proof that they may be true…
October doings16

We have had some fun too…
October doings4

October doings5

Which is good ’cause when I hear of ghosts and goblins those long old fears about the boogeyman and the monster under my bed resurface. It’s right about this time of year that I start to leap from the doorway to my bed if I have to be the last one to turn the light out. Just the other day I swear I saw the edge of the bed-skirt move as I reached over to turn off my reading light. Mr. Riddle was sleeping and I tried to wake him. I said, Hey! There is something under the bed! It almost got me and drug me under to never be seen or heard from again! Really, truly this time!
How did he respond? He swore at me and rolled over.
Is this getting weird? Yeah… let’s move on.

Along with the changing light (which I love), cooler weather (again, love), and glorious colors of autumn leaves (need I say love?), this time of year has us knee deep in after school practice through the week…
October doings11

October doings12

and similar activities on the weekends.
October doings2

October doings3

So, we’ve been enjoying each others company…
October doings6

and soaking up the beauty of the season when we can.
October doings1

Even if that means catching sunsets on the fly from the sideview mirror as I head east.
October doings10

If you’re from my part of the country you know that soon snow will be flying.
And this sign…
October doings13
Won’t seem like such a silly and far off idea. I can’t wait!

And don’t let me forget to mention this guy..
October doings9
He’s ready for winter. He has firewood stacked and ready to burn. Come January he’ll be here in his recliner smilin’ as he slowly roasts the members of his home in our 85º family room. He can’t wait.

Until next time,

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