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December 6, 2010

Last month a small envelope arrived in the mail addressed to the youngest member of our family. I was excited to offer up this gem to a girl who always complains that she never gets anything in the mail. Never. Yet, when she opened up the letter, she read the heading and looked at me unimpressed and confused. What is it, I asked. She thought it was a belated birthday greeting sent from a friend. Which, if you think about it, four months later, would still be a good thing. She failed to understand the gesture and set the card aside.
I explained. No. Look. It’s an invitation to a birthday party for your friend. A beauty birthday party.
Then her eyes lit up. She looked at me and smiled, hugged the card and exclaimed, “I love Lindy!”
Then, she set the card aside.

Me, I was a little excited to go to the party also. How fun to see the birthday girl and her guests get manicures and their hair done. Yet, after looking at the calendar, I realized that I would have to work and Mr. Riddle would be the lucky one to see the festivities. Not to mention that I would willingly unwillingly surrender my camera over to him for the day to take pictures.
Through the wonders of technology the birthday girl’s mom kept me posted via cell phone. And Mr. Riddle did a pretty good job of capturing the day. His photos are too adorable not to share.

beauty party

beauty party

beauty party

beauty party

beauty party

Lindy, the birthday girl during…
beauty party

and after…
beauty party

The manicure…
beauty party

All together…
beauty party

My husband explained that while the girls waited for their turn there was marching and singing through the salon. Which I thought was a perfect way to make the time go faster…
beauty party

There were four invited guests to the party. The girls with curly hair got their tresses straightened. The girls with straight hair had their locks curled…
beauty party

Then there was pizza and birthday cake…
beauty party

and cupcakes. I love cupcakes! This was the clincher of regret. I missed the cupcakes!
beauty party

beauty party

This was such a sweet idea for a small party. I loved it. A shout out to Beth, the birthday girl’s mom.
Beth, great party! I’m keeping this idea on file for the future.
Mr. Riddle did an excellent job with the camera, don’t ya think?

Until next time,

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  1. beth permalink
    December 6, 2010 8:13 pm

    oh victoria!!! this so awesome!! he took much better pics than i did and the way u arranged them . . . . so great!!

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