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photo challenge ~ sign

February 2, 2011

For this week’s photo challenge theme the strategy was to go with the most obvious definition: a public notice. Yet, I had hoped to find at least one common everyday sign we see in a different perspective.
Right away the stars were in line when I spotted my first “sign” while out to dinner with the family…

photo challenge 2

On the way home, while the other Riddle passengers dozed, I sat (safely) at an intersection and waited for a vehicle to pass so I could get another capture. Unfortunately the cars behind me weren’t so patient and I settled for what I got…
photo challenge 3

The only planned shots were of a sign posted at a girl scout camp in Defiance, Ohio. A previous visit placed it in my memory bank. A scheduled event over the weekend placed it in my viewfinder…
photo challenge 1

photo challenge ~ sign

Lastly, a sign that isn’t necessarily seen by all, but is well known to us postal employees…
photo challenge 4

So, there you go. My “sign” captures. Now, you know what to do. Head on over to the to see which one I submitted and to get a look at all of creative goodness in that group. I’m heading there myself.
Then, later today, we Riddles are hoping to head out and revisit a sign that I captured last October…
October doings13

Considering the weather in my part of the country, I’m sure it will look very different. We’ll see. It just might have to be today’s 365riddle photo.
Stay tuned…

Until next time,

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