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photo challenge ~ mess

March 9, 2011

Today I offer one photo for this week’s photo challenge.
It was taken after a spur of the moment meeting with my dad for lunch. A rare opportunity to get together for a bite with just enough time to enjoy our meal, tell a story or two and laugh.
photo challenge ~ mess

I had a few different ideas up in the air for this week’s photo challenge. I thought of a messy bed, a mess of tangled hair, messy kitchen, a mess of laundry… But this morning while going through images I returned to this and decided that I’m picking it for sentimental reasons. It will always remind me of sitting, talking, and laughing over lunch with my dad on a Friday afternoon despite a “mess” of a day with appointments, tight schedules, traffic and all the other weight of the world around us.
Thanks for hangin’ out with me dad. And thanks to Red Wells for the fabulous grub!

Now it is time for you to head over to the Flickr group to see all of the other “mess” captures. I’m heading there myself and soon after I will be starting a bathroom remodel that will more than likely bring all sorts of mess to my world. A glutton for punishment I am.

Until next time,

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