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how to party like a five year old

April 8, 2010

On one particular Saturday we found ourselves with a full day schedule of two parties to attend.

11 a.m. 11:15am
Party #1: a bowling birthday party.
After ignoring a friend’s directions to a particular bowling alley and showing up at the wrong place, we found our way to the first scheduled party.
bowling party

Lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of sitting back and enjoying the show…
bowling party

bowling party

There was pizza, cake, presents and a haphazard game of tag that formed around the pool table.
bowling party
Notice the desperate father in there urgently calling parents to inform them that the party is over and they need to claim their children? That’s a dear old friend of mine. I’m thinkin’ he went home and had a nap or slept pretty good that night.

6:30 pm
Party #2: A retirement party.
This party was given by a wife and son of a gentleman that worked faithfully and humbly for 30+ years at my husband’s place of employment.
Mr. Riddle explained that his friend had no desire for a party to celebrate this event. He was happy to retire quietly and without fanfare. Thankfully, his family felt otherwise and threw him an awesome shindig that we were grateful to be invited to.
We were also thankful that the invitation was extended to our youngest child. Being a weekend without the rest of the Riddle clan my husband and I could have easily found a sitter and enjoyed a night out by ourselves. But, I remember attending a few “mature” get-togethers when I was Solanna’s age of five and I had just as much fun as the adults. So, why not take her?
retirement party
Don’t let the leftover french fries fool you. Our hosts were thoughtful enough to offer a child’s option of chicken strips and fries that my girl went for. The adult meal was a little fancier and just as tasty and Mr. Riddle waited patiently to eat his dessert after the main course. It was tough, but he did it. I’m still proud of him.
After good food, conversation around our assigned table, a very touching speech given by a proud son to his father and a couple moments of silliness…
retirement party

retirement party

an anxiously waiting girl was relieved to hear that the dance floor was now open.
retirement party

I was relieved myself after many “not yet”s and much reassuring through the past hour and a half that there would be dancing.

Plenty of dancing…
retirement party

retirement party

retirement party

retirement party
Lucky for me, there were others that could keep up with her moves…
retirement party
My girl danced till she could dance no more. She called it quits and said she wanted to go home. We walked out of the party into the night with music trailing behind us. She stopped at one point and wanted to go back in for one more dance. Then changed her mind and headed for the family-mobile.
I knew that as soon as she sat down she would be asleep. To be honest it was the same for me. Mr. Riddle drove us home happily and safely.
I’ve done a little partying and dancing in my day. And I have to admit, my five year old has shown me up. Two parties in one day without a nap. I won’t even attempt to challenge it.
I’m looking forward to the next night out on the town with her.

Until next time,

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  1. Victoria permalink*
    April 9, 2010 9:55 am

    She’s definitely a rocker!

  2. April 8, 2010 9:17 pm

    That’s adorable. And I totally relate. Went bowling last weekend. Danced in my pod at work today. Rock on, Little Riddle.

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