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November 19, 2010

This blog is still active. I’m still taking pictures and thinking about ideas for stories to share.
Everyday as I go about my day an idea flashes through my mind for a post or a moment appears before me that I want to capture. Just as quickly the thought or image passes and it occurs to me that I’ve no way to capture it again. It’s gone. I did not write it down or click that shutter. A little sadness settles in.

But thankfully comes a morning where I’ve an hour to get something done. It should be laundry, or unload the dishwasher. Instead I’m taking the time to post some photos and say hello.

This family is super busy these days. Most of my time is spent behind the wheel of a vehicle.
Waiting for practice to be over…

Or zooming to get the next errand done.

Plans for the holiday are in the works. I am looking forward to having a day to relax and do what we do best as a family. Relax and eat.

In the mean time, I am finding the rare and brief moments to take pictures…






Thankfully Mr. Riddle takes on the job of documenter too.

But mostly, it’s me trying to get that moment…

before it’s gone.

Until next time,

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  1. November 26, 2010 2:49 pm

    I like your pictures, they are really nice. Do you have Flickr?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    This is my moment:

    • Victoria permalink*
      November 26, 2010 5:50 pm

      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Yes I do have a Flickr. I’m going to stop in to your moment to leave you a link.

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