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Farewell October

November 1, 2009

I must have blinked. Or fallen asleep. How else did October go by so fast?
November is here and I welcome it, but before I get swept away by the upcoming holidays I want to peek once more at October.

Color…. I’m going to miss the October color…

We attended the last cross country meet for William.
Until next year….

Birthdays of more than one friend were celebrated…

Solanna and I enjoyed her school’s carnival…

T-town hosted a ”Light the Night” event that we attended in memory of a friend…

While some of our house members started their hibernation early, I set up the sewing machine to make a Halloween costume…

In the midst of all these activities we made sure to enjoy the last of the warm weather…

We did a little pumpkin carving. No October would be complete without it…

The older kids did a little last minute costume creating after deciding not to let this Halloween pass without participating…

I agree, have a seat my dear. It’s been a busy month.

Until next time,

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