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photo challenge ~ up

February 17, 2010

This week’s theme is “up.”
Below I offer the few shots I took. I must admit, I was not very excited about this week’s theme.
Maybe, for me, it was open to too much interpretation. Every day over the past week I thought about “up” and drew a blank. I suppose staying “up” late watching the olympics has taken it’s toll.

Finally, today on a run to get groceries the camera came with Solanna and I. We drove through town for for some photo ops, then found an “up” in the store. Enjoy.

this one is straight out of the camera, though i kind of looks like I did some post processing...

inspired by this… I caught this…

this was just plain inspired by hunger…

Oh, and just one more. I took this last week just playing around with a set of mini Matryoshka dolls. I do believe that tiny gal is “up” higher than the rest.

Be sure to stop by the Flickr photo pool to see which one I submitted and to get a look at other “up” interpretations.

Next week is “puzzle.”

Until next time,

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